NHSuperfoods Panela is a natural, unrefined, handmade RAW sugar. It is made from evaporated sugar cane juice and is not refined in the process so all or most of the natural molasses content is retained in the sugar. The molasses content is what contributes to the gold or dark brown coloring of these sugars. Because they’re less processed than refined sugars, it is considered more beneficial for human health and the environment.




  • Panela is a valued traditional food in many sugarcane producing countries in Latin America, Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Panela is also known as rapadura, chancaca, papelon or panocha.

  • Food ingredient for bakeries, dessert, and food manufactures it can be use also in restaurants, cafes, coffee roasters, etc.

  • Bulk customers of this ingredient include coffee roasters, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and food manufacturers.